Residential Garage Door

Your garage door at home is the first thing most people will notice. Not only because of its size but also because of his color and decorations. That’s why, when choosing a garage door, you should focus on both security and appearance.

Also, there’re different types of residential garage doors. Each type has many beautiful designs that’ll suit your needs and desires. Whether it’s wooden appearance, black metal or white metal – You have a wide range to choose from.

Garage door Brisbane is here to help you choose the best door for your needs. We offer professional installation and repair services. In addition, our prices are the best ones in the market! We can help install any kind of door and maintain it at the best prices.

Types of Residential garage doors

Sectional Garage door

These kinds of doors are what most people choose when installing a garage door. They’re made from separate panels that lift up parallel to the ceiling. Furthermore, it opens and closes by an automatic garage opener (Usually through a remote), but also has a manual opening. In addition, this kind of door is made from steel, aluminum, wood, glass, and vinyl.


  • Very secure.
  • Don’t take extra space but what it needs to open.
  • Higher resistance to wind and weather damage.
  • Has a wide range of the material it’s made from.
  • As a result of its multiple panels, less pressure is been put on the rail, which means a longer lifespan.
  • You can fix each panel separately – cheaper than fixing them all.
  • Affordable prices.



  • Space that can be used for storage is been taking by it.
  • Dangerous for children – many moving parts.

Roller doors

This kind of door is different by the way it open and close. When you open it, it rolls upon itself creating a bundle at the top of the door. Furthermore, while most doors have an automatic opening, some of them, especially the larger one, can only be opened manually. Also, the most common material for this door is steel. That’s because it needs to have high resistance to bumps and damage caused by a car.


  • Doesn’t require any extra space on the side to open.
  • Rolls up to a small bundle on top of the door – takes less space at the ceiling.
  • Higher resistance to weather damage.
  • Affordable prices.



  • Can only be handle by professional.
  • Harder to repair if gets out of place.

Residential Tilt doors

Least common garage door. It’s made from a single large panel that goes up when opening it. Furthermore, if choosing this type of door, make sure you have enough space for it to open properly. Also, it can fit any kind of environment, because it can be painted at any color, and can be made from a wide range of materials.


  • Because it’s made from a single panel, it has more design options.
  • Less moving parts, which means fewer options to break down.



  • Requires space underneath the ceiling, and in front of the garage.
  • Uses extension springs that are under high tension and are harder to adjust.

To sum up, those are the 3 main types of Residential garage doors. However, feel free to contact us if you want to ask any questions about it, or have a different type and needs our help.

Moreover, our A professional team can help with any problem!


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