Commercial Garage Door

Protecting your business doesn’t sum up at simply installing a strong lock, or even using a security system. The best way to secure it is to use a heavy-duty and strong garage door.

In addition, there’re several types of commercial doors, each one with its own advantages and rates. Also, every business has its own security needs, and need a certain kind of commercial garage door.

Furthermore, Sydney Garage door can help with any kind of garage door problem you’re having. Whether it’s a fresh installation, any kind of repair, or simply professional advice – We can help. Moreover, our professional team is highly trained and has years of experience in the field.

Types of Commercial Garage Door

Roller doors

Most common when choosing a commercial garage door. This type of door opens up by rolling itself to a bundle that’s placed on the top of the door. Also, most roller doors that are been used for commercial purposes, are made from steel or aluminum. Furthermore, there’re different levels of strength for those doors. You can choose to use the heavier one for factories or warehouses, or go with a lighter one for parking lots or private shops.

In addition, commercial roller doors are what most business owner goes it. As a result of its high level of security and relatively low price, more and more people choose to use it. Also, it has a longer life span than most doors and can be very affordable to repair in a case of need.


Sectional doors

Made from a number of separated panels, this door lifts up parallel to the ceiling when opening up. Also, a sectional door can be used for residential property as well. However, commercial sectional door and heavy duty and more secure than the residential type. In addition, this kind of doors usually opens with an automatic remote but has a manual opening as well.

Also, sectional doors don’t take much space when opening. Meaning, you can have more storage space near the ceiling. Moreover, because it opens parallel to the ceiling, it takes no space in the room itself. However, there’re some sectional doors, especially the commercial ones, that open sideway and takes extra space than the others.

An example of this kind of door is the folding door. This door is common among stores that are located in the mall, and private shop.


Commercial Shutters

This door combined top of the line security and good appearance. It has several types of design and security levels, to suit every need. Its operation is similar to a roller door, however the shutter door is heavier and more secured. Furthermore, it’s usually used in factories, storage units, large commercial complexes, big warehouses, etc.

In addition, choosing this kind of door assures you the best security for your business, but also the most expensive outcome. Because it provides max security, it usually costs more to install it and to repair it if needed. However, commercial shutters have a wide range variety of designs at different prices.

Furthermore, this kind of door doesn’t require much maintenance and is very easy to use. It has a long life span, good flexibility, and high resistance to any kind of damage.


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